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RokuPro Driver Information

ModelRoku Streamer, Bar and TV – All
Driver NameRokuPro
Driver Version24.02.06.00
Document / Driver RevisionFebruary 06, 2024
Core Min / Max Tested8.7.605 / 8.8.6.xx

Note about Elan OS 8.8  / 8.7

The driver has two versions.  Each is located under its OS version folder with the same name.  The same name makes it easier to upgrade from 8.7 to 8.8 without reinstallation. 

Install from the folder matching the Elan OS on the controller.

If you install under 8.7 and upgrade to 8.8, update the driver as well so it will have the supported features.

RokuPro Overview

  • This is a two-in-one driver.  The driver will automatically discover all Roku devices on the network and recognize whether they are Roku Streamers, Roku TV Displays or sound bar including the Stream Bar.  It will then install each one accordingly under Zone Controllers, Display Drivers or Media Sources in Elan.
  • This is a two-way driver to control Roku Streamers and Roku TV’s from Elan with dynamic loading of Roku Channels and Favorites, TV Display, TV Source Control, Zone Controller and Volume Control.  Now with HR10 / HR30 / HR40 Support.
  • The Elan controller is capable of querying Roku, returning Channels with Icons, and transport control over Roku.

RokuPro Supported Features

This is the Pro Version with the following super enhanced feature

  1. Auto Discovery of Multiple Roku Streamers, Soundbars, Streambars, and TV’s
  2. Better Search using the keyboard
  3. HR10 / HR30 Support
  4. Currently Playing Metadata Feedback
  5. Auto Installation of Multiple Media Source Drivers, Audio Zone Controllers, and Video Display Drivers
  6. Easy Activation
  7. Global Search feature (The user no longer has to be in the search page on the Roku Home Screen, Search can happen from any screen)
  8. Elan Integrated Driver State
  9. Instant Replay
  10. End User configured Favorite Channels (The customer can add / change their own favorite channels.  No Dealer Configurator needed)
  11. Enhanced Driver / Installation status
  12. Faster Transport
  13. On Screen Keyboard
  14. Quiet Mode (when driver is not in use it will not query devices)
  15. Viewer Keyboard for faster entry of username / passwords.
  16. Channel Icons on / off option for faster Viewer Loading
  17. Better layout for small screens
  18. Push and Hold for up/down/left/right/FWD/Rewind keys
  19. Source switching including the Built-In Roku player, Tuner, HDMI, and AV sources.
  20. Zone Volume Control
  21. Power On / Off including Wake-On-LAN of Roku TV’s
  22. Single Page Layout

RokuPro Supported Devices

The following options are supported by [this driver]:

Roku 2, 3, 4,


Express +





Roku Streambar

Roku Soundbar

RokuPro Driver Configuration

The Elan Controller must be on the same subnet as the server and player.    

Important Note: Always Backup the controller before installing any new Device Drivers.

Each Roku TV is setup for 7 Sources, 1 – Built-In Roku, 2 – Built-In Tuner, 3,4,5,6 – HDMI (1- 4), 7 – AV1 Input.  Not all TV’s will have 4 HDMI’s or an AV input. 

Installation Process

The Driver has two Drivers files.  Install the driver matching the controller OS from the appropriate folder

Please follow the below installation process in order to ensure proper operation

  • Unzip the driver downloaded into the driver installation library.
  • Open Media, Communication Devices, Add New Communication Device and check the box that says Show Unsupported Devices.  Scroll to the bottom, Choose Roku_Pro (the picture below might show a different version number than the driver actually installed.)
  • 8.8 Install Media Communication Devices –> Import Driver Folder

Note:  If the driver doesn’t appear under the Communication Type then make sure that the Roku_Pro driver is extracted to the same folder where all the other drivers are installed from.  It’s good practice to create one folder on the computer where all the third party EDRVC files live.

Note:  If the driver still does not appear, do the following:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to you EDRVC folder (the folder where all custom edrvc drivers live)
  2. Go to Media Source, then add a Roku driver.  Then Delete it.
  3. Now go back to Communications device, Add, Check the box the says show unsupported devices, the Driver should show up on the bottom. 
  • Enter the Activation code received in the confirmation email.  Activation codes are also kept in the online account.  Tap Apply.
  • Wait about 10 seconds and tap Discover

A count of the devices discovered will be displayed in the Feedback window

After another 10 seconds, a notification will appear in the Feedback window that Discovery is finished.

Important Node:  If the Roku count does not match the count displayed, tap on Discover again until all Roku’s are discovered.

  • Tap Install and all Roku’s Streamers discovered will be installed under Media Sources and activated with the Activation key.  All the Roku TV’s discovered will be installed under Video Displays.  All Roku stream and sound bars will be installed under zone controllers.
  • Make sure all the Roku devices are named appropriately before discover.
  • If the name of the device changes, manually edit the name.  It is not recommended to re-discover.
  • Rename the devices as desired.  If the IP address of the Roku Device changes, edit it manually in the IP Address field.  With this version, you can discover and install again without affecting the settings of each device.
  • The Favorite Apps is a non-editable field.  Please see Setting Favorites below.
  • The Channel Icons Feature will turn off / on the channel Icons on the Viewer Menu.  This is to address slow loading of some Channel Icons. 

Select the Number of Channels that will be displayed on the viewer. The driver has an option for 10 or 6 channels. Make sure to match the Interface in the Zone Controller.

If the Driver finds Roku TV sets, it will install them under the Display Devices. 

  • It will also automatically install controls and an EMV file for the built in Roku and built in Tuner.
  • Configure the Display Driver as desired.
  • The Dealer Favorite Apps, Activation and UUID are copied from the Communication Devices Settings
  • The Wake On LAN MAC and the IP addresses are automatically populated on discovery
  • Each Roku TV is configured for up to 4 HDMI Inputs
  • See Step 17 below Regarding PowerOn / PowerOff operations
  • Under Zone Controllers Rename the display and set the Display to the Renamed device.
  • To Enable Volume Control on the TV, Set the Volume control to the Roku Display
  • The Recommended Default Turn On Source is the Built-In Roku unless the installation calls for a different source.
  • Under the Zone Controller, the recommended Setting for On Off Control is Discrete Verify (Always Send)
  • PowerOn / PowerOff.
  • If the Show as Zone setting is set to Yes, then Power On and Power Off must be manually linked to the proper function. 
  • Under the Zone in the Zone Controllers, Choose Power On or Off, Add Command, Display, Name of Roku TV, Turn Display On / Off
  • Add any extra sources to Display Zones or Zone Controller.  Change the name Icons to desired values.  There is are icons included with the driver for Display Icons.

RokuPro Using the Driver

The Main screen is the transport screen along with 4 dedicated Roku Favorites and the rest for the installed Apps.

The Main Screen will load all the Roku Channels automatically.  Launch any Channel on the Roku by tapping the icon or manually using the hat control to scroll through the Channels up or down and tapping OK to launch the channel.

If another Channel is added to the Roku, please tap the reload Arrow key to reload the Channels or start navigating from the start.

The user can run a search from any screen.  Just tap on the Search button and enter the search string.  The Roku will automatically switch to the Search Screen and return the results.

Special Note about Search Function:  The search Button on search enabled Roku remotes will activate the voice activation feature and that can only be used from the physical remote.

Keyboard Button.

The Keyboard button brings up the device’s (iOS, Android, or PC) keyboard.  Type the desired string and press enter.

The user must be in a highlighted text field on the Roku Channel such as a username or password field.

Known issues with the keyboard.  Every Channel implements their keyboard key entry slightly different.  For Example:  Disney+ will allow the sending of upper case and lower case.  However, it doesn’t respond to push and hold Clear.      Vudu will allow the push and hold to Clear, however it will only send UPPER or lower case depending on the screen menu.  In cases where the Keyboard entry is not producing the desired result, please advise the customer to use the on-screen keyboard associated with the channel.

Hand Held Remote Mapping

Push and Hold the List Button to bring up secondary Menus.  This depends on each app.  Some apps require a 1 second hold (YouTube) and others need 3 seconds (Spectrum and Apple TV)

RokuPro Device Configuration

The Driver uses a static IP address for the Roku Player.  Although Roku does not allow for Static IP Addresses.  Please assign an IP address using DHCP Static Reservation from the router to guarantee that the Roku Device will always have the same IP Address.

Important Note:   Please make sure the Roku Device is configured on the network, registered with Roku, given a name, and has a minimum of 4 Apps installed

Verify the following settings on your Roku Streamers, Sound bars and TV’s  before discover:

Settings —> System —> Advanced System Settings —> Control by mobile Apps —> Permissive

Verify the following settings on your Roku TV before discover and during operation

Settings —> System —> Power —> Fast TV Start à ‘Enable Fast TV Start’ (Checked)

RokuPro Known Issues

  • Driver not reading Roku.  Assign Static IP Address
  • Auto Discover not working: On the Roku Device change Settings —> System —> Advanced System Settings —> Control by mobile Apps —> Permissive
  • Icons not loading or slow loading.  Turn off App Icons.
  • If the discover and Install buttons are tapped again, the order and the IP address of the Roku Devices might be re-arranged.  Make sure to verify the proper settings under Media Sources and under Zone Controllers
  • If another Roku is added after the initial installation.  Please use the RokuPro Communications Driver to Discover and Install.  Do NOT install the Roku driver individually or use the use the ROKUTV SE driver separately.  Please note Common Issue 4 above when rediscovering and reinstalling.
  • If performing a driver update tap on Update in the configurator under communications device, also tap on update under one of the Roku drivers in the Media Sources.  This will make sure all drivers are updated.
  • Known issues with the keyboard button.  Every Channel implements their keyboard key entry slightly different.  For Example:  Disney+ will allow the sending of upper case and lower case.  However, it doesn’t respond to push and hold Clear.      Vudu will allow the push and hold to Clear, however it will only send UPPER or lower case depending on the screen menu.  In cases where the Keyboard entry is not producing the desired result, please advise the customer to use the on-screen keyboard associated with the channel
  • HHR, HR10 and HR30 do not support channel or custom icons.  Only Elan embedded icons are supported.  HR40 has full icon support
  • RokuTV is not being discovered.  Make sure the TV is awake and on
  • RokuTV is not being discovered while upgrading from version 1.x of the Roku Pro driver.  Version 1.x of the Roku Pro treated the TV as a streamer.  Delete the Media Source that is actually a TV. Discover and install

Setting Channels Displayed and Favorites

NOTE: This is only compatible with Elan OS 8.8.5 or higher.

Setting Number of Channels Displayed

The Driver now supports a choice of having 6 or 10 apps displayed in the viewer and the HR Remotes (including the HR40)

From the Number of Channels drop down menu, select 6 or 10 apps.

Then select the proper interface to display in the viewer. Both templates will be installed by default.

For Streaming boxes, Under the Zone Controller, choose the desired interface as a Source Device.

For Roku Streambar and TV’s, select the interface under Media Inputs

For Roku TV’s

Setting Favorites

There are two ways to set favorites:

  • User set favorites using the viewer.
  • User set favorites will override the dealer set favorites.
  • User can set a maximum of 4 favorites.
  • Users can set less than 4.
  • The driver will fill in favorites from user, then fill in the rest of the icons (6 or 10) from dealer set favorites, then by the order presented by the Roku device.
  • Dealer set favorites using the Favorite Settings Page in the configurator
  • Dealer has an option to enter favorite apps in the Dealer Favorite Settings Page. 
  • You can either enter the Name or Channel ID.
  • The driver will then try to match the name to the proper ID.
  • If the driver is not able to match the name or the wrong name comes up, use the Channel ID.
  • You can get the Channel ID using the method below

To Get a list of all the Apps installed on the Roku Player go to http://{RokuIPAddress}:8060/query/apps

  • Enter up to 10 app ids or names

User Set Favorites:

Important Note:  Users cannot set favorites for the Display Devices.  This is an Elan limitation.  Those are set by dealer in the Configurator only.  Users can set favorites for Media Sources.

Open the Driver in the Viewer.  If Dealer or User favorites are set, they will be displayed in the first column.  If not the standard Roku Apps will be displayed.  The user can override the Favorite by setting them in the Viewer.

  • To Set favorites Go the Elan Viewer Home and tap the settings sprocket wheel.  Enter the code (default is 1234). (Also See Step 6 above)
  • Tap Device Settings and choose the device to configure.
  • Tap Reload Channels to make sure all channels have been loaded into the memory
  • Tap on Set and enter the name of the Favorite Roku Channel to add to the Main Tab
  • Important Notes on Setting Favorites:
    • Please type the name of the channel exactly as it appears in the Roku Channel Tab. 
    • There is no feedback if the name is not found or an error occurred. 
    • Wait about 5 seconds between each entry.
    • If the entry is wrong or an error occurred, then the icon won’t show up in the viewer Main Tab.  Come back to this screen and try again

Example:  YouTube (no spaces between the words).  Prime Video (for Amazon Prime).

  • When done return to the Main Tab and the favorites should populate.  If one doesn’t populate check to make sure that the Channel is installed on Roku and the spelling is correct.  For reference, go the Channels Tab and use the names on the bottom of the Icons.

Really Cool Feature: show the end user how to do this so that they can set and change their favorites without using the configurator.  

NOTE:  These values will override the dealer favorite apps settings.  If less than 4 are entered by the user, then the remainder of the apps will be populated from the dealer entry

Example: If a user enters 3 apps and the dealer enters 3.  The first 3 from the user will be displayed then the first non-duplicate dealer added value will be displayed