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Nice Utilities Tab

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Working with Nice Utilities Tab

The Nice Utilities offers a visual representation of devices and a way to control device properties. Most utilities drivers will draw their own interface. Here are some tips and tricks.

  1. The driver will automatically draw the gauges according to it’s features. The gauges are sorted alphabatically and as of 8.8.603 this sorting cannot be changed. However, to force sorting, use the alphabet tricks. For example, add a “.” in front of the name to force this element to be first. Or add a number. For example 1 – Water Flow, 2 – Water Pressure. This will also force the sorting.
  2. Custom Create a page and add the Gauges. The great thing about this option is that you don’t have to add all the Gauges to one page. You can get fancy here and create a temperature dashboard by adding all the temperature gauges to one custom page.

Here Are some Example

Create a custom page and add each gauge individually

Add Gauge (Numeric Input) for inputs that have value such as Temp or Humidity and Gauge (State Input) for controls such as Connected.

Connect it to the desired input.