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Outputs Driver Information

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Driver NameMagic Cube Outputs
Driver Version23.10.11.00
Document / Driver RevisionOctober 11, 2023
Core Min / Max Tested8.7.605/8.8.500





Outputs Overview

This is a two-way driver to trigger and get feedback from Automations, Events, and Scripts (A/E/S)  created in Home Assistant on the Magic Cube based and present them as Outputs.

Outputs Supported Features


  • Support for Innovo’s Magic Device.
  • Auto Discovery of all Automations Events and Scripts created using Home Assistant
  • Open listen socket for faster instead of feedback
  • Self Healing connection monitor.
  • Fast LAN based operation – No internet connection required
  • Auto Discovery and Installation of Magic Cube Controller
  • Read Feedback from the (A/E/S) 
  • Sync with the (A/E/S)  if changes occur outside of Elan

Outputs Supported Devices




Output Driver Device Configuration

You can add devices to Home Assistant in Three ways.

If your device is auto discovered, then click on Configure and Follow the prompts.

If your device is not listed or if the links aren’t working, use Method 1.

If your on the same LAN or using the Magic Cube Cloud, use the links in Method 2.

Output Driver Method 1

Access the Home Assistant Console as described in this document.

From the left side Choose Integrations & Devices

In the Lower Right Hand Side, Click on Add Integration

Follow the prompts for each device.

Output Driver Method 2

Outputs Driver Configuration

  1. The Driver uses LAN mode only and does NOT require a HA Cloud connection for discovery or operations. However, (A/E/S)  must be first setup using Home Assistant on the Cube.
  2. Install Magic Cube . Setup all your (A/E/S)  in Magic Cube and name them according to your needs.

Installation Process

It is recommended that you follow the below installation process in order to ensure you are running the latest version of the [driver].

  • Add the Innovo Activation Code received in the email.
  • Starting with Magic Cube Aura and V5 Patch 3, you no longer need to add the token.  The token is added using the Magic Cube Admin Interface.  See Magic Cube User Manual.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click Discover, the driver will discover and populate the IP address of the Magic Cube device on the network.  If the device is not discovered or you have more than one, enter the IP address manual.
  • From the Platform dropdown, choose the events driver that you would like to install. 
  • NOTE: You must have the brand/platform preconfigured in the Magic Cube First.  See Magic Cube Manual.
  •  Click Install.  The Driver will automatically discover all scenes, automations, or scripts connected to the Magic Cube and install them under a sub driver based on the manufacturer. 

Outputs Using the Driver

  • Add an interface to control the lights from Lighting Custom Pages
  • Create the necessary controls, such as dimmer or button according to the following specs:
    • Dimmable devices are installed with dimming capabilities.
    • Switches are installed as on / off devices only.
  • Connect the Elements to the proper variable in the driver.

Outputs Known Issues

  • Driver not discovering devices.  Try discovery again.  Make sure broadcasting is enabled on the network
  • Driver not Activated.  Wait 15 seconds after Apply
  • Driver not controlling light but it’s working from Magic Cube. Make sure the IP address didn’t change. Assign DHCP reservations for the devices