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RachioPro Driver Configuration

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Installation Process

  • Install the RachioPro driver in the Elan Configurator.
    1. Irrigation –> Irrigation controllers –> Add new Irrigation Device
    2. In V2, click Import RachioPro driver.  In V1, navigate to the folder where the driver is located and Choose the RachioPro driver, OK
    3. If you receive a warning that this is not a Native Elan driver, click OK
  • The Driver will automatically go into trial mode for 30 days. Wait for about 10 seconds and the Status will turn Green.
  • Add the Innovo Activation Code received in the email.
  • In the Access Token field add the API token that you have created from the app and then click Get Zones.
  • The driver will automatically install all the irrigation zones.