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You can manage devices and permissions granted to Elan in the Nest Partner Connections Manager. Repeat Steps in Section 5 starting with Step 4 to add / change tstats.  See the SDM API Troubleshooting documentation for more details.
Error 400: invalid_request plus a message about not complying with Google’s OAuth Policy for keeping accounts secure is shown when using App Auth or Desktop Auth or OOB Auth which has been deprecated by Google. Follow the steps in the previous section to upgrade Elan and restore access.
Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch means that your OAuth Client ID is not configured to match the My Elan callback URL. Elan’s redirect URL behavior may have changed since you initially set this up!

Details about resolving redirect_uri_mismatch

  • This should show the redirect URI  in the error message. If the error message has a
  • different URL, then you are running an older version of Elan need to upgrade or manually disabled My Elan (see below).
  • Go back to the API Console and select your OAuth 2.0 Client ID.
  • Add the URL  to the list of Authorized redirect URIs and click Save and start the flow over.

I have manually disabled My Elan URL

Google applies strict Redirect URI validation rules to keep your login credentials secure. In practice, this means that you must access Elan over SSL and a public top-level domain. See the documentation on Securing and note that you don’t actually need to enable remote access.

The OAuth Client ID used must be consistent, so check these:

  • Google Cloud Console – See instructions above to create new Web Auth OAuth Credentials if needed
  • Device Access Project – The OAuth Client ID for your Device Access Project must refer to the Web Auth OAuth Client ID in the Google Cloud Console
  • Make sure you are using the same Google Account in the Device Access Console and Google Cloud Console

e.g. double-check the photo and account name in the top right of the screen

  • Application Credentials – Elan needs to be configured with the same credentials. Delete any existing entries if they do not match, then either manually enter or re-enter as part of the setup.
  • Reauthentication required often: If you are getting logged out every 7 days, this means an OAuth Consent Screen misconfiguration or your authentication token was revoked by Google for some other reason.

Details about reauthentication issues

  • This most likely reason is the OAuth Consent Screen is set to Testing by default which expires the token after 7 days.
  • Follow the steps above to set it to Production to resolve this and reauthorize your Driver one more time to get a new token.
  • You may also see this as the error message invalid_grant: Token has been expired or revoked.
  • See Google Identity: Refresh token expiration for more reasons on why your token may have expired.
  • Thermostat does not appear or is unavailable happens due to a bug where the SDM API does return the devices. A common fix get the API to work again is to:

How to restart thermostat

No devices or entities are created if the SDM API is not returning any devices for the authorized account. Doublecheck that GCP is configured correctly to Enable the API and authorize at least one device in the OAuth setup flow. If you have trouble here, then you may want to walk through the Google instructions and issue commands directly against the API until you successfully get back the devices.
Error 403: access_denied means that you need to visit the OAuth Consent Screen and add your Google Account as a Test User.
Error: invalid_client no application name means the OAuth Consent Screen has not been fully configured for the project. Enter the required fields (App Name, Support Email, Developer Email) and leave everything else as default.
Not receiving updates typically means a problem with the subscriber configuration. Make sure to check the logs for any error messages. Changes for things like sensors or thermostat temperature set points should be instantly published to a topic and received by the Elan subscriber when everything is configured correctly.
View Messages You can see stats about your subscriber in the Cloud Console which includes counts of messages published by your devices, and how many have been acknowledged by your Elan View Messages subscriber. You can also  to see examples of published. Many old unacknowledged messages indicate the subscriber is not receiving the messages and working properly or not connected at all.


This guide has been compiled as a document for your convenience based on the guide available on Home Assistant for the Magic Cube.