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Door Locks Using the Driver

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In order to lock/unlock, the user must create PIN Codes.  The PIN codes are not coordinated with the Lock’s cloud account app or Elan’s User Pins.  They are saved in the driver and only accessible to the driver.

Creating the codes can be done in two ways.  From the driver itself or the Viewer. 

From the Driver, create users in the configurator and assign passwords.  These users are not connected with the Elan or lock’s users and must be changed / managed separately. 

From the Viewer, under Device Settings. 

Add User Codes to the UI using the Viewer in Elan

Open Settings —-> Device Settings

Choose MagicCubeDoorLocks

Set PIN Codes (Minimum 4 digits)

Change Wording in Elan Configurator for Lock

To Operate Door, Click Unlock or Lock Option. Enter PIN as needed.