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Door Lock Driver Configuration

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

It is recommended that you follow the below installation process in order to ensure you are running the latest version of the driver.

  • The Driver installs the Door Locks as a Security driver and treats them as a security Panel.  Each door is installed as a partition and features such as lock / unlock, Ajar (Open / Closed) sensors are installed as Zones.  They are automatically linked.
  • Open Security, Right click on Security Panels choose MagicCubeDoorLockPro Driver click OK
  • In V2, click Import MagicCubeDoorLockPro driver.  In V1, navigate to the folder where the driver is located and Choose the MagicCubeDoorLockPro driver OK.
  • If you receive a warning that this is not a Native Elan driver, click OK
  • The Driver will automatically go into trial mode for 30 days. Wait for about 10 seconds and the Status will turn Green.
  • Add the Innovo Activation code received in the email.Starting with Magic Cube Aura and V5 Patch 3, you no longer need to add the token.  The token is added using the Magic Cube Admin Interface.  See Magic Cube User Manual
  • Click Apply.
  • Click Discover, and the driver will discover and populate the IP address of the Magic Cube device on the network.  If the device is not discovered or you have more than one, enter the IP address manually
  • From the Platform dropdown, choose the brand of door lock you would like to install.  

NOTE: You must have the brand/platform preconfigured in the Magic Cube First.  See Magic Cube Manual.

NOTE: If the platform you want to install is not shown on the platform dropdown, then contact to get the exact name of the platform you want. After you get the exact name, choose Other from the platform dropdown, enter the name you have in the Other Platform Field, click Apply, and install.

NOTE: To continue installing platforms from the dropdown you should have the Other Platform field empty.

  • Click Install Devices. The Driver will automatically discover all locks connected to the Magic Cube and install them under zones based on manufacturer.
  • In Elan the First door lock will always be named PARTITION 1, rename that as needed.

NOTE: To rename the driver, under Partitions click on Partition 1, enter the name in the Name Field Then hit apply

  • Rename Disarm to Unlock and Mode  / Mode 2 to Lock if desired.
  • Need Pin to Lock will require the user to enter a PIN when locking (by default anyone can lock the door).  Unlock will always require a PIN.

If you need to add more locks in the future, Choose the Platform and click on Install Devices.