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Qwikset WiFi

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Qwikset can be integrated using the HACS Add On as a custom repository

To add it, log into Home Assistant, from the Left Menu Click on HACS.

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and choose Add Custom Repository

Copy and Paste the following and choose category Integration, Click Add

Once added, you will see it in the list. Close the window by clicking on the X in the top right corner

From the Left Menu, chose Check & Restart, then Restart Home Assistant

Access HACS again from the Left Menu and Click on Explore & Download Repositories

Search for Kwikset Smart Locks

Click on Download

Back to Check & Restart and Restart Home Assistant again.

Add the Integration

  1. Go to Integration & Devices integrations.
  2. Click Add Integration and search for Kwikset Smart Locks
  3. Configure the integration with the needed information

Once the integration is added and all looks good in Home Assistant, test operation and make the sure device performs from HA. If it works as expected proceed to adding the Controller Driver.

Add the Integration to Elan