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Big Dog Driver Configuration

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

Installation Process

It is recommended that you follow the below installation process in order to ensure you are running the latest version of the driver.

  • Under Utilities —-> Power Devices, click on Add New Power Device.
  • Select the Big Dog driver.
  • Click on new device and fill in the activation key, the IP address and the desired Polling time (30 seconds is default)
    • The Driver will update Elan every polling cycle if outlet or output is triggered outside of Elan.
  • The Driver will automatically install a Relay Outputs driver under the Input/Output stub

Note:  Bank 1 is used for Output on / off.  Change the name after install to reflect that.

You can now use the Power Distribution outlets for Power Link settings in any other drivers.

Creating Individual Interface

The driver comes with a sample Interface for individual outlet control. 

  • Import the interface under Interface à Home Pages
  • Connect the outlets by right clicking each outlet and choose the proper Connect To field
  • There is a default power icon.  You can change that to your preference.
  • To create a power cycle button, Link the button under each output control button via Event Maps to Power Cycle the Outlet.  The interface has 4 Power Cycle Buttons.  Add more if needed for your application.
  • To Create a Power Cycle Event Map, Choose Utlities on the left side —> Big Dog —> Power Cycle Outlet —> Outlet number.
  • Each Button will highlight Blue if turned on or Black if it’s turned off.
  • Power Cycle buttons have no color indicator.