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Intellifire Supported Features

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  • Auto discover of location and places controller by Intellifire
  • Set Thermostat Mode for schedule heating
  • Set Flame Height  / Fan Speed
  • Auto healing / reconnect
  • Feedback if events occur outside of Elan
  • Warning triggers / Offline triggers / Power Cycle trigger
  • Elastic polling for server and controller stress balance


If a fireplace doesn’t have the thermostat feature enabled or installed, it will not be installed by the driver.  A fireplace must have thermostat capability to be operated by the driver.

Any feature not specifically noted as supported should be assumed to be unsupported.

If the remote is not functional including a dead battery, Auto Mode will be disabled in the driver.  This is a safety feature that will disable Thermostat Mode in the system. When the remote is functional again, the controller will re-enable this mode within 5 minutes automatically.

Thermostat Mode (Auto) and Flame Heights operate independently of each other.  If Thermostat Mode (Auto) is turned on, it will override Flame Height.  If the system is changed to flame height the Thermostat Mode will be turned off.  This is done by the fireplace control.

IMPORTANT:  Disable Climate Schedules in Elan.  This driver does not support Climate Schedules. Enabling this will lead to erratic behavior.  The fireplace is not a true thermostatically controller unit and will not respond to standard commands. If you need scheduling, install the lighting driver and use the light schedules in Elan to set Flame Height.

To Use scheduling in Elan, use the Lighting Schedule for Flame Height Control.