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Media Using the Driver

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  • The Power button should be highlighted blue so that the driver can control the ATV.  If the Power button is dimmed, click it and wait 5 seconds
  • The Top Menu button will bring up the Sleep and options screen in ATV. 
  • If the ATV goes to sleep it will require up to 15 seconds to wake up after clicking any button.  Please be patient till the ATV comes back online and displays the screen after sleep.

The Channels page is dynamically loaded from the Apple TV

  • The driver has metadata that shows the title, time, and type of media. 
  • The driver has a seek slider that the user can use to advance or rewind media.
  • The time stamp shown in the viewer may not match exactly what’s is shown on the ATV.  There could be a difference of up to 10 seconds.  When an episode / movie ends and the next one begins, the delay can be up to 30 seconds.  This is normal behavior of the driver.