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Shelly Light Suit Device Configuration

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Setup your Shelly devices as instructed by the Shelly User Manual.  Pay attention as each device is configured differently. The driver uses UDP multicasting.  Make sure your router / switches support it.  If you have VLANS, make sure VLANS can pass UDP and multicasting to different segments.

  • For Gen-1 devices Make sure that each lighting device has CoIot enabled and set to “mcast”.  Gen-2 Devices do not have this option.
  • The Driver will auto provision Gen2 devices.  If they are not discovered or not responding correctly, click on Provision UDP.


  • The driver will automatically discover and install all supported Shelly Lighting devices on the network
  • The Driver uses LAN mode only and does NOT require a Shelly Cloud connection for discovery or operations. However, Shelly devices must be first setup using the Shelly App or a web browser and Joined to the Network.
  • ******The driver relies on static IP address for each lighting device. Assign Static IP address using DHCP reservations in your router. If device IP address changes, then change it manually in the Elan Configurator.

Note:  Setting a static IP address on the Shelly device is not enough to guarantee the same address.  For example, if a sensor goes to sleep then the router might assign its address to another devices, when the sensor wakes up it will try to use the already allocated IP address causing network collision issues.    To avoid this assign an IP address outside the DHCP range or create a router reservation.

  • Install can be clicked as needed to install additional devices
  • If at first install doesn’t find all devices, click install again after waiting for 60 seconds.  Repeat the process until all know Shelly devices are discovered and installed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE WAIT 30 seconds after installing the driver for Click GET DEVICES.