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Shelly Light Suit Driver Configuration

Estimated reading: 3 minutes

Installation Process

Please follow the below installation process in order to ensure proper operation

Unzip the driver downloaded into the driver installation library.

  • Open Lighting, Add New Lighting Interface, Choose ShellyLightSuite (the picture below might show a different version number than the driver actually installed.)
  • You’ll receive a warning that this is not a Native Elan driver, click OK
  • The Driver will automatically go into trial mode for 7 days. Wait for about 10 seconds and the Status will turn Green.
  • Fill in the activation code
  • If you have setup the Shelly lighting devices to use a username and password, enter it here.  The driver is designed to use one username and password for all Shelly devices.  If you have different values in the web interface, you must unify them and enter the credentials here.
  • Hit Apply, Then Click Install.
  • The driver will populate all supported devices found on the LAN.

Note: If devices are not found and are supported, click on Install until all your devices show up.  If no devices are found, make sure your router has broadcast enabled.  Give discovery up to one minute to complete.

The driver will discover all supported devices and install them with the proper capabilities.

  • Shelly 2.5 will be installed as a two relay devices or Curtain control with up / pause / down.
  • Dimmable devices are installed with dimming capabilities.
  • RGB, Dimmable and Tunable devices are installed to take advantage of Elan’s Multi Control. Depending on the features of the device, each Multi Control will have RGB, Dimming, Kelvin Control, and Saturation.
  • Shelly RGBW2 is configured as color devices are installed with two controls, one for RGB including dimming and saturation that can take advantage of Elan’s new Multi Control, and a second generic slider for white channel brightness control.  RGBW devices configured as 4 white channels are installed as 4 separate dimmable devices. 
  • Shelly Uni will be installed as two lighting devices as Relays
  • Shelly EM1 and EM3 will be installed under lighting Devices for Contractor Controller feedback
  • Shelly 1 Plus and Shelly 1 PM Plus will be added under lighting
  • Shelly Pro4PM will be installed as 2 Separate devices
  • Shelly Pro2PM will be installed as 2 separate devices
  • Shelly Pro1PM will be installed as 1 device

Note:  The Elan g1 and SC100 (without a license) only support 24 lighting devices.  Devices like the Pro4 will count as 4 devices in Elan. Take this into consideration when planning a Shelly lighting system using these controllers. 

Shelly Wall Dimmer

The Shelly wall dimmer is not automatically discovered.  After you install and setup the dimmer, Set the Driver in Smart Discovery mode for 60 minutes.  Then trigger the wall dimmer on and off. The driver will then discover and install it.  Trigger every wall dimmer within 60 minutes and the driver will install them as well.