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Shelly Light Suit Known Issues

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Wait 15 seconds after Apply

  • Driver not Activated. 
    • Wait 15 seconds after Apply
  • Driver not discovering devices.
    • Try discovery again.  Make sure broadcasting / Multicast is enabled on the network
  • Driver not controlling light but it’s working from Shelly.
    • Make sure the IP address didn’t change. Assign DHCP reservations for the devices.
  • Scenes are slow to execute
    • If a device, most likely, a light bulb is a part of a scene and the device is offline, there will be a 3 second delay for every device that’s in the scene that’s offline.  This is normal.


  • The lighting driver will not display the proper name of the Shelly device but instead it will show the device type and it’s MAC address.  To work around this, rename the device in the driver after discovery is finished.
  • Gen2 Devices are not discovered.  Reboot all Gen2 devices.  Rediscover