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RokuPro Using the Driver

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

The Main screen is the transport screen along with 4 dedicated Roku Favorites and the rest for the installed Apps.

The Main Screen will load all the Roku Channels automatically.  Launch any Channel on the Roku by tapping the icon or manually using the hat control to scroll through the Channels up or down and tapping OK to launch the channel.

If another Channel is added to the Roku, please tap the reload Arrow key to reload the Channels or start navigating from the start.

The user can run a search from any screen.  Just tap on the Search button and enter the search string.  The Roku will automatically switch to the Search Screen and return the results.

Special Note about Search Function:  The search Button on search enabled Roku remotes will activate the voice activation feature and that can only be used from the physical remote.

Keyboard Button.

The Keyboard button brings up the device’s (iOS, Android, or PC) keyboard.  Type the desired string and press enter.

The user must be in a highlighted text field on the Roku Channel such as a username or password field.

Known issues with the keyboard.  Every Channel implements their keyboard key entry slightly different.  For Example:  Disney+ will allow the sending of upper case and lower case.  However, it doesn’t respond to push and hold Clear.      Vudu will allow the push and hold to Clear, however it will only send UPPER or lower case depending on the screen menu.  In cases where the Keyboard entry is not producing the desired result, please advise the customer to use the on-screen keyboard associated with the channel.

Hand Held Remote Mapping

Push and Hold the List Button to bring up secondary Menus.  This depends on each app.  Some apps require a 1 second hold (YouTube) and others need 3 seconds (Spectrum and Apple TV)