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RokuPro Supported Features

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This is the Pro Version with the following super enhanced feature

  1. Auto Discovery of Multiple Roku Streamers, Soundbars, Streambars, and TV’s
  2. Better Search using the keyboard
  3. HR10 / HR30 Support
  4. Currently Playing Metadata Feedback
  5. Auto Installation of Multiple Media Source Drivers, Audio Zone Controllers, and Video Display Drivers
  6. Easy Activation
  7. Global Search feature (The user no longer has to be in the search page on the Roku Home Screen, Search can happen from any screen)
  8. Elan Integrated Driver State
  9. Instant Replay
  10. End User configured Favorite Channels (The customer can add / change their own favorite channels.  No Dealer Configurator needed)
  11. Enhanced Driver / Installation status
  12. Faster Transport
  13. On Screen Keyboard
  14. Quiet Mode (when driver is not in use it will not query devices)
  15. Viewer Keyboard for faster entry of username / passwords.
  16. Channel Icons on / off option for faster Viewer Loading
  17. Better layout for small screens
  18. Push and Hold for up/down/left/right/FWD/Rewind keys
  19. Source switching including the Built-In Roku player, Tuner, HDMI, and AV sources.
  20. Zone Volume Control
  21. Power On / Off including Wake-On-LAN of Roku TV’s
  22. Single Page Layout