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Setting Channels Displayed and Favorites

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NOTE: This is only compatible with Elan OS 8.8.5 or higher.

Setting Number of Channels Displayed

The Driver now supports a choice of having 6 or 10 apps displayed in the viewer and the HR Remotes (including the HR40)

From the Number of Channels drop down menu, select 6 or 10 apps.

Then select the proper interface to display in the viewer. Both templates will be installed by default.

For Streaming boxes, Under the Zone Controller, choose the desired interface as a Source Device.

For Roku Streambar and TV’s, select the interface under Media Inputs

For Roku TV’s

Setting Favorites

There are two ways to set favorites:

  • User set favorites using the viewer.
  • User set favorites will override the dealer set favorites.
  • User can set a maximum of 4 favorites.
  • Users can set less than 4.
  • The driver will fill in favorites from user, then fill in the rest of the icons (6 or 10) from dealer set favorites, then by the order presented by the Roku device.
  • Dealer set favorites using the Favorite Settings Page in the configurator
  • Dealer has an option to enter favorite apps in the Dealer Favorite Settings Page. 
  • You can either enter the Name or Channel ID.
  • The driver will then try to match the name to the proper ID.
  • If the driver is not able to match the name or the wrong name comes up, use the Channel ID.
  • You can get the Channel ID using the method below

To Get a list of all the Apps installed on the Roku Player go to http://{RokuIPAddress}:8060/query/apps

  • Enter up to 10 app ids or names

User Set Favorites:

Important Note:  Users cannot set favorites for the Display Devices.  This is an Elan limitation.  Those are set by dealer in the Configurator only.  Users can set favorites for Media Sources.

Open the Driver in the Viewer.  If Dealer or User favorites are set, they will be displayed in the first column.  If not the standard Roku Apps will be displayed.  The user can override the Favorite by setting them in the Viewer.

  • To Set favorites Go the Elan Viewer Home and tap the settings sprocket wheel.  Enter the code (default is 1234). (Also See Step 6 above)
  • Tap Device Settings and choose the device to configure.
  • Tap Reload Channels to make sure all channels have been loaded into the memory
  • Tap on Set and enter the name of the Favorite Roku Channel to add to the Main Tab
  • Important Notes on Setting Favorites:
    • Please type the name of the channel exactly as it appears in the Roku Channel Tab. 
    • There is no feedback if the name is not found or an error occurred. 
    • Wait about 5 seconds between each entry.
    • If the entry is wrong or an error occurred, then the icon won’t show up in the viewer Main Tab.  Come back to this screen and try again

Example:  YouTube (no spaces between the words).  Prime Video (for Amazon Prime).

  • When done return to the Main Tab and the favorites should populate.  If one doesn’t populate check to make sure that the Channel is installed on Roku and the spelling is correct.  For reference, go the Channels Tab and use the names on the bottom of the Icons.

Really Cool Feature: show the end user how to do this so that they can set and change their favorites without using the configurator.  

NOTE:  These values will override the dealer favorite apps settings.  If less than 4 are entered by the user, then the remainder of the apps will be populated from the dealer entry

Example: If a user enters 3 apps and the dealer enters 3.  The first 3 from the user will be displayed then the first non-duplicate dealer added value will be displayed