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RokuPro Driver Configuration

Estimated reading: 4 minutes

The Elan Controller must be on the same subnet as the server and player.    

Important Note: Always Backup the controller before installing any new Device Drivers.

Each Roku TV is setup for 7 Sources, 1 – Built-In Roku, 2 – Built-In Tuner, 3,4,5,6 – HDMI (1- 4), 7 – AV1 Input.  Not all TV’s will have 4 HDMI’s or an AV input. 

Installation Process

The Driver has two Drivers files.  Install the driver matching the controller OS from the appropriate folder

Please follow the below installation process in order to ensure proper operation

  • Unzip the driver downloaded into the driver installation library.
  • Open Media, Communication Devices, Add New Communication Device and check the box that says Show Unsupported Devices.  Scroll to the bottom, Choose Roku_Pro (the picture below might show a different version number than the driver actually installed.)
  • 8.8 Install Media Communication Devices –> Import Driver Folder

Note:  If the driver doesn’t appear under the Communication Type then make sure that the Roku_Pro driver is extracted to the same folder where all the other drivers are installed from.  It’s good practice to create one folder on the computer where all the third party EDRVC files live.

Note:  If the driver still does not appear, do the following:

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to you EDRVC folder (the folder where all custom edrvc drivers live)
  2. Go to Media Source, then add a Roku driver.  Then Delete it.
  3. Now go back to Communications device, Add, Check the box the says show unsupported devices, the Driver should show up on the bottom. 
  • Enter the Activation code received in the confirmation email.  Activation codes are also kept in the online account.  Tap Apply.
  • Wait about 10 seconds and tap Discover

A count of the devices discovered will be displayed in the Feedback window

After another 10 seconds, a notification will appear in the Feedback window that Discovery is finished.

Important Node:  If the Roku count does not match the count displayed, tap on Discover again until all Roku’s are discovered.

  • Tap Install and all Roku’s Streamers discovered will be installed under Media Sources and activated with the Activation key.  All the Roku TV’s discovered will be installed under Video Displays.  All Roku stream and sound bars will be installed under zone controllers.
  • Make sure all the Roku devices are named appropriately before discover.
  • If the name of the device changes, manually edit the name.  It is not recommended to re-discover.
  • Rename the devices as desired.  If the IP address of the Roku Device changes, edit it manually in the IP Address field.  With this version, you can discover and install again without affecting the settings of each device.
  • The Favorite Apps is a non-editable field.  Please see Setting Favorites below.
  • The Channel Icons Feature will turn off / on the channel Icons on the Viewer Menu.  This is to address slow loading of some Channel Icons. 

Select the Number of Channels that will be displayed on the viewer. The driver has an option for 10 or 6 channels. Make sure to match the Interface in the Zone Controller.

If the Driver finds Roku TV sets, it will install them under the Display Devices. 

  • It will also automatically install controls and an EMV file for the built in Roku and built in Tuner.
  • Configure the Display Driver as desired.
  • The Dealer Favorite Apps, Activation and UUID are copied from the Communication Devices Settings
  • The Wake On LAN MAC and the IP addresses are automatically populated on discovery
  • Each Roku TV is configured for up to 4 HDMI Inputs
  • See Step 17 below Regarding PowerOn / PowerOff operations
  • Under Zone Controllers Rename the display and set the Display to the Renamed device.
  • To Enable Volume Control on the TV, Set the Volume control to the Roku Display
  • The Recommended Default Turn On Source is the Built-In Roku unless the installation calls for a different source.
  • Under the Zone Controller, the recommended Setting for On Off Control is Discrete Verify (Always Send)
  • PowerOn / PowerOff.
  • If the Show as Zone setting is set to Yes, then Power On and Power Off must be manually linked to the proper function. 
  • Under the Zone in the Zone Controllers, Choose Power On or Off, Add Command, Display, Name of Roku TV, Turn Display On / Off
  • Add any extra sources to Display Zones or Zone Controller.  Change the name Icons to desired values.  There is are icons included with the driver for Display Icons.