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Shelly Light Suit Using the Driver

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Lighting Interface

  • Add an interface to control the lights from Lighting Custom Pages
  • Create the necessary controls, such as dimmer or button

Shelly RGBW configured as color devices are installed with two controls, one for RGB including dimming and saturation that can take advantage of Elan’s new Multi Control, and a generic slider for white channel brightness control.  RGBW devices configured as 4 white channels are installed as 4 separate dimmable devices. 

Shelly DUO RGB Light Bulb

The Shelly DUO RGB has lighting Effects (Meteor, Gradual and Flash).  To create an interface, use sliders to link to those modes.  There are a total of 5 sliders, one for each mode and one for state on / off and one for Dim Effect.  Effects only work when the light bulb is set to Color Mode.  Warm and Cold White do not have effects.