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Shelly Light Suit Update Release Notes

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Update LevelFeature / Critical
ModelSee Above
Driver NameShellyPro
Driver Version22.12.05.00
Document / Driver RevisionDec 05, 2022
Core Min / Max Tested8.7.xx
  • To update the driver, replace the existing EDRVC file with the newly downloaded one.
    • Start by clicking update on the driver under the tab, then the sub drivers, then each individual driver.  Example, Start with the Communication Device Driver, Click Update, Go to the Lighting Driver, Click Update.
    • To Install new lighting devices, go the Lighting Driver and click Discover

 Version is a Feature upgrade

  • Better discovery.
  • Fix dealer activation issue.  Feature
  • Increase trial to 30 days.  Feature
  • Add Wall Dimmer, HT Plus and Motion 2.  Feature

 Version is a Critical upgrade

  • Added better handling for light bulbs and offline devices. Critical
  • Add Provision UDP button to re-provision Shelly Gen2 devices.  Feature

Version is a major Feature / Critical upgrade

  • Changed Discovery to work much faster. Feature
  • Changed the method the driver listens to device update to make it more robust and open. Feature
  • Added extra self-healing mechanisms. Feature
  • Vastly improved response and processing of on / off commands. Critical
  • Improved light bulb handling. Critical
  • Improved state change processing. Critical