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Shelly Pro Supported Features

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  • Auto Discovery of Shelly devices. See devices section for supported units.
  • Two-way control and feedback of all supported lighting and sensors devices
  • Auto recognition of RGBW color or white modes
  • Auto recognition of Shelly 2.5 Curtain / Roller mode
  • Multi-unit driver installation
  • Auto configuration of Shelly Button
  • Independent use of Shelly Button trigger Elan Events.
  • LAN mode operation – Lighting fast command and feedback
  • Supports username and password for secure communication in Lighting Drivers for Gen 1 Devices.
  • Auto discovery of sensors
  • Auto installation of sensors
  • Ongoing detection of sensors
  • Battery levels for all sensors
  • Event Maps and Numeric triggers based on sensor type
  • Reporting directly to the controller from the Shelly Coiot Settings.
  • Energy Monitoring using the Shelly EM1 and EM3
  • Switches and Energy Monitoring for Shelly Pro line