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Plugging It All In

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The Magic Cube has several options depending on what your ordered. If you purchased the wireless options.

  • Attach the WiFi Antennas (if any)
  • Attach the ZWave Adapter (if any)
  • Attach the Zigbee Adapter (if any)
  • Attach network cable. The Magic Cube Aura has two network ports. One is blocked off with an Orange tab. DO NOT use this port. The Magic Cube Aura will not recognized this connector. This is reserved for future use.
  • Attach HDMI cable (this is optional and not required to operate the cube). The HDMI output is used for local console access. You will need a keyboard and mouse to login. If you don’t have any more USB ports available, use a port splitter (not included)
  • Finally, attach the power cable included. Do NOT use another power supply. This power supply was specifically designed for the Magic Cube to give it enough power to run.
  • Device will self boot. It will take a full 3 minutes to be available on the network. Patience…..