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Setting Up WiFi

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

If your Magic Cube Aura is factory equipped with a WiFi adapter, use the following process to add it to a WiFi access point.

Access Terminal as outlined in this article.

Once you login, type:

sudo dietpi-config

then enter, then type your password again, then enter.  For Security reasons, password cursor will not move as you type but it’s being registered as you type.

8.  Use the up / down key to choose the WiFi adapter, then use tab to highlight OK then enter key.

9.  Select scan, then tab over to OK and then enter key.

10.  Choose an open slot (usually the first one).  If you want to connect to multiple WiFi points, repeat this process.

11.  The system will scan your network for available WiFi access points.

12. Choose your point NOTE:  If the search turns up nothing, repeat this process.  If still nothing, disable / enable the WiFi adapter, then try again.

WARNING:  DO NOT disable the WiFi adapter remotely, always do this local to the network and only if you also have an ethernet cable plugged in and activated for backup.  If the WiFi is disabled you will lose the connection to be able to turn it back on again.

13.  Choose the encryption method required by your WiFi (typically the default)

14.  Enter the password then tab to OK

15. Verify the information on the next screen and tab over to DONE (Not to OK). If you click ok, you will be given the chance to remove and scan again.

16.  Back on the final page, scroll down to APPLY then tab over to OK

17.  Confirm one more time.  The system will go back to terminal and apply the changes.

18.  Once done, the system will come back to the last screen. Confirm that you are connected and have an IP address, then Choose <Back>, On the next screen <Back> again, then <Exit>.