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The Magic Cube Aura has been designed and programmed from the ground up to make it easy to setup. Please note the following changes from the first generation Magic Cubes

The Magic Cube Aura has been pre-configured with user accounts and tokens.

  • The default user and password are provided separately
  • Use this to log into
    • Home Assistant
    • Terminal
    • Dashboard Menu
    • Homebridge (if configured)
    • Remote Desktop
    • Any other required service for logon
  • Root account is no longer valid
  • Home Assistant has already been onboarded and loaded with all the most popular libraries including HACS
    • In the event that you reset home assistant and need to onboard again, follow this guide
  • Token has already been generated and added to the Cube. You DO NOT need to generate a token.
  • The Drivers will automatically pick up the Cube and its tokens when installed. No need to split tokens anymore.