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Access Terminal Console

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To Access Terminal Console to administer the Magic Cube’s Operating System, follow these steps.

From the Main Menu, Choose System Services

You will be required to login.  Login with the credentials provided to you when you received the cube.
Select Terminal

Login to Terminal.  You will need to use your credentials again.

Once you login, type:

sudo dietpi-config

then enter, then type your password again, then enter.  For Security reasons, password cursor will not move as you type but it’s being registered as you type.

7.  Choose the desired configuration item (you must use up / down / right / left keys at this point, the mouse will not work here.

For Detailed explanation of each item, use this reference link.

8.  Use the up / down key to choose the configuration menu item

18.  Once done, the system will always come back to the last screen. Then Choose <Back> then <Exit>. Choosing <OK> will have you repeat the process instead of exit and save.