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Connecting to Elan

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After you Register the Magic Cube. You will need to connect it to Elan to get the Username / Password. This can be done by adding an Input driver available below(You must have a dealer account and be logged into the site to download the driver).

DO NOT share, write or post this password anywhere. It’s always available to you by clicking on the Magic Reveal button on the bottom of the screen.

Download the file below

Install the driver using Sense Inputs –> Add New Input Controller.

Hit Discover, the Magic Cube will be automatically discovered and added.

Hit Magic Reveal, the password will be shown for 30 seconds. If the password is needed again, Click Magic Reveal again.

You cannot use this driver to change passwords.

Reach out to if you wish to alter the system password.

The Driver also has sensors about the health of the Magic Cube that can be used to trigger events.

A good trigger would be if the CPU temp reaches above 55C.