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Honeywell Device Configuration

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  • The Driver uses the Honeywell Home Cloud. An active internet connection must be present at all times.
  • Install each thermostat and connect it to the cloud account and make sure it operates the Heating and Cooling unit directly from the app.
  • If Elan is going to automatically manage the device, it is recommended to disable all automatic settings in the app as it will conflict with the configuration in Elan. 
  • If automatic settings are kept, the Elan controller will update the state.  However, updates can take up to the polling time seconds to sync.
  • Make sure the Honeywell Home is fully functional and is online before installing the driver.
  • Install all sensors before adding the thermostat to Elan

NOTE: This driver does not support WiFi models that use the Honeywell Total Connect App.  The driver only supports devices using the Honeywell Home App or Resideo App

The Following TSTAT’s are known not to work: