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Honeywell Account Configuration

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You must create a developer account for each home / controller.  We recommend that you use the same credentials as the Honeywell Home Mobile App.

  • Go to My Apps, then click Create an App
  • Add a name for the App. 
    • Make sure the name is short and under 10 characters
    • Do NOT use any special characters.  Only numbers and letters.  No underscores, or dashes or any punctuation marks are allowed.  The system will accept them, however on the backend they do not work.
    • Add the callback URL.  Make sure it is exactly this.  Copy and Paste is recommended
  • Click Save Changes.  You will see that the app is approved right away.   If the app is not approved, contact our technical support.
  • Click on the Name of the new App, Leave this page open and copy and paste the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret into the driver configuration page highlighted on the next page.