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Shelly Climate Device Configuration

Estimated reading: 2 minutes
  • If Elan is going to automatically manage the device, it is recommended to disable all automatic settings in the app as it will conflict with the configuration in Elan. 
  • If automatic settings are kept, the Elan controller will update the state.  However, updates can take up to the polling time seconds to sync.
  • Make sure the TRV is fully functional and is online before installing the driver.
  • Make sure the TRV is calibrated.  If it is not calibrated, it will not be installed by the driver.
  • For Best Discovery connect all TRV’s to a power source until driver installation is done.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  THE TRV uses the activation code for the Shelly Pro.  It is installed separately but use the license for the ShellyPro to activate.

NOTE:  THE SC100 and g1 only support three thermostats. If you have more than three thermostats you must purchase a separate PRO license from Nice directly.  Otherwise only 3 will be installed.


  • Manually enter a multicast address with a port. 
    1. Go to settings under Internet / Security —> Advanced – Developer Settings
    1. Enable CoIot
    1. Set the Remote address to
    1. Hit Save, then Reboot the Device —> Settings —> Reboot (You must reboot the for changes to take effect)
  • To Enable CoIot, we recommend using the web interface for each device rather than use the Shelly mobile app. 
  • To use the web interface of the device.
    • If the device has been setup using the Shelly App, go directly to its IP address 
  • OR
    • If the device has not been setup using the Shelly app, after powering the device, go to your Wi-Fi setup and connect directly to the Shelly Device.  Usually, it will show up as a Wi-Fi AP node with the name of Shellyxxx-xxxx.
    • Once connected, using a web browser navigate to
    • Note:  If the device is battery powered such as most sensors, you have three minutes from when the device is put into AP mode to complete the task.  You can always put the sensor back in online mode by triggering AP mode for another three minutes.  To trigger the device, see its user manual as each device has a different way of triggering.

Name The Device

Before discovering or installing in Elan, name your TRV device to help with identification.

Go To Settings —> DEVICE NAME —> SAVE