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Troubleshooting Z-Wave

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If you have problems with you the Z-Wave, follow the Golden Rule of IT tech support

  1. Check that the ZWave adapter is recognized.
  2. Before starting verify that your ZWave Adapter is recognized and working. You should have plugged in the adapter before booting up the Aura. If you didn’t, now is a good time to power off the cube, plug in the adapter and power it back on. Use the menu options to power off the cube (Do NOT just pull the power cable, that should always be a last resort!)
  3. Click on the Control Panel Icon and verify that you adapter is listed. If it is not see the troubleshooting section.

If you receive this error, this means that adapter is not recognized.

  1. Unplug / Replug your adapter and wait three minutes
  2. Do it again
  3. Following the Golden Rule of IT
  4. Go to the Settings Page and change the port back and forth to /dev/ttyXXXX then back to the /dev/serial/by-id/XXXXX. Change the Port then hit save, wait 1 minute, change it back to the correct one, wait 1 more minute.

All else fails, send us a support ticket or email